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Dao Ern Lim

I’m a computer science undergraduate from Malaysia.

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Dao Ern

About Me

Passion for Computer Science

Hey there! I’m a computer science student from Malaysia. I became fascinated by how computers work when I was young. I’m always curious and thinking about the logic behind all of these, so I started by self learning during my secondary school years. Ever since, I’m pursuing my dream to become one of the best programmers out there.

Retro Computer


Retro Computer

Oct 2019 - Oct 2022

Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman - Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (FICT)

I pursued my bachelor's degree in Computer Science at UTAR. During my study, I built solid understanding in the fundamentals as well as excelled in advanced topics. I was awarded President’s List and Dean’s List several times.


  • Nov 2021

    C++ Programming Mentor

    UTAR Information Tech Society

    I’ve registered as a mentor for the mentorship program organized by UTAR ITS. I taught my mentee about C++ programming, starting from the basics to more advanced topics. The whole program lasts for a month and it’s definitely an experience for me and my mentee!

  • Oct 2021

    Mobile App Developer

    iFAST Corporation

    This is my 3-months internship at iFAST Corporation. My main job scopes are to develop, implement features, and fix bugs in the iGM and FSM mobile app. I have learned a lot of skills. Remarkably, Flutter, which is mainly used in the development of the app.

  • Aug 2021

    Executive Committee

    UTAR Computer Society

    I was elected to be one of the executive committees of UTAR Computer Society. During my term of service, I’m actively contributing to the society by participating in various events held by the society like Arma 2.0 and more.

  • Mar 2019

    Event Supervisor

    Griffin Corporation BC

    I worked as an event supervisor at Griffin BC Corporation Sdn. Bhd. I’m in charge of recruiting and training promoters for various projects and events. It’s my responsibility to ensure smooth operation and handle any dispute during the events.


Huawei Certified ICT Associate - AI


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Algorithms on Graphs

Coursera - University of California San Diego

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Algorithmic Toolbox

Coursera - University of California San Diego

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Algorithms on String

Coursera - University of California San Diego

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